A successful and scalable web project

The advent of digital technology has significantly changed consumer purchasing behaviour. They have become accustomed to searching the Internet for products and services adapted to their needs. Businesses find themselves obliged to create a design and attractive website, such as Tout En Bois Et Cie, in order to attract more visitors. Whatever the field of activity, competition is increasingly tough on the market. It is therefore crucial to adopt a good digital strategy to stand out and attract a maximum of visitors to your website.

You must be constantly on the lookout for the latest innovations. Regular publication of high value-added content is also essential. And to optimize the success of your web project, it is important to update and audit your website. This allows you to identify the most efficient communication channels and to rectify your techniques.



Find the right digital strategy

Call upon our team of experts

Visual Identity

Visual Identity

The creation of the Déco-Actu logo was an essential step in the design of the website. Call in an expert to obtain a unique logo.

Graphic charter

Graphic charter

In order to define the rules that will condition the use of the graphic elements of your site, the elaboration of a detailed document is essential.



Webdesign is the very reflection of your company’s personality. For best results, entrust its design to an experienced agency.

Webmarketing and digital strategy

digital strategy

A good communication strategy is essential to attract prospects. With the evolution of technology, it is necessary to deploy techniques that make the customer come to you. To evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies put in place, there is a wide range of software available. However, the best solution remains to entrust this task to a professional.

Optimize the visibility of your website!

SEO and SEA referencing

It is not always easy to find the right technique to improve the visibility of a website on search engines. To achieve this, in the case of the Grenier d’idées website, we have put in place an effective content strategy. Don’t hesitate to choose the right keywords and striking titles. Use different communication channels and develop your presence on social networks to obtain a better positioning in search results.

Audit: where is your website?

Website architecture

To generate more traffic, revise the structure of your website

Optimizing the traffic of a website sometimes requires a redesign of the entire architecture. The ideal is to entrust this mission to an expert.

Traffic analysis

Call on a digital agency to get a high-performance website

Using a web professional in order to analyze the traffic on your website saves you time and efforts. It also avoids unnecessary expenses for your business.

keywords is part of SEO

The relevance of keywords to attract a maximum number of visitors

The choice of keywords is part of SEO techniques. You must focus on the most frequent requests of your targets. It is also essential to respect the requirements of search engines in order to improve your positioning.